June Monthly Newsletter









Summer is here!  Almost….

It is the time of year when we all look ahead to graduations, holidays and sun!  We hope that if you are in our recreation program, you have had a fantastic Spring session and we would love to see you again in the summer and fall.



June 13 – 19 – Last week of Spring Rec sessions

June 15 – Acro tryouts

June 24 – 26 – NO LIMITS Competitive Camp

June 27 – July 2 – Pegasus Gymnastics is CLOSED for renovations!

July 1 – Pegasus Gymnastics 2nd Anniversary










REGISTRATION packages are coming soon!  We are so excited to host this great event at the Banff Springs!  We can’t wait to see you all there!

Currently we are looking for corporate sponsors who would be interested in being part of our international event this January.  We have sponsorship packages at the front desk, if you know of anyone that might be interested, please make sure that you take one and pass it on!

Anyone from your local Hair Salon to downtown Corporations.  We have packages that will work for all sizes of companies.  Let’s make this a great success!

All proceeds raised from this event go towards equipment for the gym!



Women’s Canadian Artistic Championships!

Congratulations to Kierstin Anderson and Jada Mazury!  Our two Pegasus athletes to compete for Team Alberta in the JO 10 category, bringing home SILVER!

team-alberta-jo-10-nationals-2017-kierstin-anderson-and-jada-mazury team-alberta-jo-10-silver-at-nationals-2017 jeremy-kierstin-jada-and-karen-nationals-2017


Athletes best!:

Jada Mazury – 3rd AA and Bronze on Flooor

Kierstin Anderson – 7th place on Floor







April & May Newsletter 2017


aprilImage result for may clipart


Spring is coming!  Spring is coming!  Welcome to all of our new Recreation athletes here for our Spring session.

We are looking forward to a great season!




April 17 – 23 – (Recreation – Preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Static and Balance Week

April 24 – 30 – (Recreation – Preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – ABC & Numbers Week

April 26 – 29 – (Artistic) – Western Canadian Championships in Brandon, Manitoba.  Best of luck to all of our Pegasus athletes that have qualified to Westerns!

May 1 – 7 – (Recreation – Preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Rolls & Jumps week

May 5 – 7 – (Artistic) – Mountain Magic Invitational

May 5 – 7 – (T&T) – T&T Canada Cup

May 8 – 14 – (Recreation – preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Inverted and Crazy Hair week

May 15 – 19 – (Recreation – preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Backwards week

May 20 – 22 – GYM CLOSED – No training

May 23 – 26 – (Recreation – Preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Strength and Exercise

May 23 – 28 – (Artistic) – Canadian National Championships (Montreal)

May 30 – Apr 2 – (Recreation – preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Colours



no-limitsRegistration for the NO LIMITS Competitive Camp is now open to all competitive artistic athletes.

Pegasus competitive artistic athletes, make sure that you register as soon as possible for the camp before it fills!




You can register through Amilia and reserve your spot with a $100 deposit.

Click here to register for NO LIMITS


Provincials (Artistic and Acro)

Pegasus Logo - no background

We wanted to share our success at Provincials in both Artistic and Acro!

Pegasus Medal count!

Artistic  –    Gold – 16         Silver – 9            Bronze – 8

Acro –       Gold – 1         Silver – 2

pegasus-provincial-team-2017 Our artistic team had over 30 teammates attending this years Provincial Championships.

Congratulations to all of our athletes on a job well done!






Congratulations to Jada Mazury and Kierstin Anderson for qualifying to Canadian National Championships!  We will all be cheering you on while you are competing in Montreal in May!


Image result for try outs free clipartImage result for try outs clipart


We will be holding tryouts for our competitive and pre-competitive gymnastics teams.






ARTISTIC  – 4:00pm, All levels (Born 2003 – 2013)

ACRO – 4:00pm, All levels (Born 2011 and older)

T&T –




Image result for announcement clipart



We are excited to share the news with everyone that we are expanding!  Over the next year, we will be taking over the space next door.  We are thrilled to announce that there will be great new updates to our current space and our expansion!

As time goes on throughout the year, we will provide you with more information, but we couldn’t wait to tell you the great news!








Gymnastics Rocks the Rockies!

For those of you that don’t know, Pegasus will be hosting a new Artistic gymnastics competition (JO Level 3 – JO Level 10) this January 5 – 7 in Banff, Alberta!   Please make sure that you check out our Facebook page and share with your friends!!

click here to go to our FACEBOOK page


Image result for save the date clipart  END OF  YEARImage result for celebrate clipart

WAIT!!!   We have had to reschedule the year end BBQ!  We have our competitive year end photo’s booked on this date instead, so we will have to move BBQ.  Watch the next blog for more information on the NEW date and location.  Thanks everyone!


We love when our athletes are featured in publications!!

wowCongratulations to Olivia Keegan and Kierstin Anderson!  Olivia was featured in the Western Wheel Okotoks Newspaper and Kierstin had her photo featured in International Gymnast Magazine.    #pegasuspride





Good luck to all of our T&T athletes as well as our Artistic athletes this month for the T&T Provincials and Western Canadian Championships for Artistic.  We are waiting to cheer you all on!


March Newsletter 2017


Welcome to the month of March!  We are full into our competitive season for Artistic, Acro and T&T.  We are so proud of all of our athletes and we love the team spirit!

We have new team awards from GreatWest GymFest.  They are now proudly displayed out front!  Congratulations to all of our athletes who attended GWGF 2017




*March 7-13 – (SuperTots and Jr/Sr Jumper) – Colours week

*March 8 – 12 – (Artistic)  Gymnix Classic (Montreal) – make sure to watch the website for links, results etc

*March 10 -12 – (Acro) Strathcona Gym Challenge – good luck to all of our Acro athletes going to compete!

*March 10 – 12 – (T&T) Alberta T&T Cup #2 (Airdrie) – good luck to our T&T athletes going to Airdrie!  Pegasus Pride!

*March 14 – 20 – (SuperTots and Jr/Sr Jumper) – Show and Share

*March 14 – 20 – (Recreation) – Last week of Winter Session

*March 16 – 19 – (Artistic) UCIC/Southern Zones/Trials to Westerns (Calgary) – Good luck to all of our athletes looking to qualify for                                     Provincials and Westerns.  Watch our website for links to live steams, results and schedules

*March 25 – 31 – (Recreation) – First week of Spring Session begins


Our Spring Session is about to begin! Remember to register for your next session!

Contact the front desk if you have any questions

See you in SPRING!



Congratulations to all of our Pegasus athletes that were competing in the month of February!  We were travelling a lot this month, Red Deer, Edmonton, Halifax, Oklahoma, and Idaho! We had MANY successes and we are so proud of all of you!  As you can see from the pictures below, we think it was a great month and hope for an even better March!

jo10 20170204_180853 20170218_094142 amelia-danae-carisjeremy-kristina-evalyn-kierstin-nadiaimg_2607  kierstin-elite-canadaevalyn-elite-canada





What is the parents role in competitive gymnastics and how we can make it a better experience for our athletes?

What does it mean to be a parent of an athlete?  It is not an easy job.  We see our children hurt, cry, push through and get mad all the trials and tribulations of their work.  We see them succeed at times and fail at times but don’t worry, both are great life lessons to learn.

There are highs and lows that are hard for non athlete parents to understand, let alone sympathize with.  So we tend to gravitate to other athlete parents, as it is just too hard to explain to others.  Sometimes, we get caught up in our lows, and it is easy to find others in the same boat.  Then the whirlwind starts.  But what does this mean for our athletes?  The damage done here can be detrimental to the athlete, so we need to be careful.

What does it mean to be the coach?  As parents, we put our most cherished things in the world with these coaches.  We expect the coaches to make our athletes the best that they can be and we are not happy when we believe that it should be better than what we are seeing.  This can be where we tend to get upset and angry with our coaches.  The only issue here is that the disconnect may not be with the coach and athlete, but with the parent and athlete.

So what can we do to make sure that our athletes are getting the best experience with their coaches and at the same time not unintentionally sabotaging it by fighting for something that may not be an issue?  We need to make sure that we respect each role we play for the athlete and do our best to always stay on the same page.

Listen (but don’t necessarily react) – it will be normal for your athlete to have a good day, and a bad day (or bad month, or even season!).  Remember that when they are talking to you, it may just be to vent. They may just need to have someone listen, but not actually do anything.  At this time the 24 hour rule that is used with coaches is also good with the athlete.  24 hours from now, what was the biggest issue, may now be a non issue and it was just a bad moment.shamrock

Support and Love – this will always be your job.  Nobody can do it as well as you can.  Nobody.  So make sure that you are there for them, and support them.

Respect the “chain” of communication – If you get to a situation where you think that you need to intervene on behalf of your athlete, please make sure that you are not escalating too early and making a bigger issue of something before required.  It can be hard for a coach if there are issues but they are only informed of them from management but never hear from the athlete or parents themselves.  It will definitely hurt that triangle relationship of coach-parent-athlete.  Just remember, if there is an issue, Athlete first, then coach, then both, then if all else fails, it can be escalated to management.

*it is important to remember here that children will emulate their parents, so if you are not happy with a coach, this will come through in your athlete which will work negatively against them in the long run.

Don’t Coach! – Our coaches work individually with each athlete on setting their goals and expectations for the week, month, year, competition etc.  Their relationship with our athletes is of the utmost importance for their development throughout the season.  It is important for us as parents to make sure that this relationship stays positive and we don’t interfere with our own personal goals and plans for our athlete which can cause a disconnect for everyone.  The athlete is no longer sure what to do at this point.

The coaches are the professionals.  As Steve Jobs once said “it doesn’t make sense to hire smart people and tell them what to do; we hire smart people so they can tell us what to do.”

Here are some more links to some great articles:

It’s Not Just Words: 10 Smart Word Choices of Smart Athletes

An Athlete and Parent Agreement for Success and Happiness in Youth Sports



Have a great March!

February Newsletter 2017

februaryPegasus Logo - no background


It may be the end of winter season but that means our competitive season is here!



  • February 2 – 5 (Artistic) – Elite Canada – Cheer on our Pegasus athletes Kierstin Anderson and Evalyn Kaufmann as they compete for High Performance.  There will be live streaming video for this competition so stay tuned on the website for links!
  • February 3 – 5 (Artistic) – Exelta Cup in Red Deer – Cheer our JO3 – JO7 athletes on at this competition.  Live scoring will be available on our website.  Watch the main site for the links
  • February 4 – (T&T) – Cardston Cup Invitational – Live scoring/Live stream is not available at this competition
  • February 6 – 20 (Preschool) – Inverted and Crazy Hair week
  • February 10 – 12 (Acro) – Calgary Acro Winter Camp
  • February 10 – 12 (Artistic) – Nadia Comaneci Invitational – Live scoring/Live stream is not available at this competition
  • February 13 – 17 – (Preschool) – Rolls, Jumps & Valentine’s Day
  • February 18 – 20 – (All) – GYM CLOSED – NO TRAINING
  • February 18 – 20 – (T&T) – Alberta Cup #1 – Live scoring/Live stream is not available at this competition
  • February 20 – 27 – (Preschool) – Backwards Day
  • February 23 – 26 – (Artistic) – Great West GymFest – Live scoring/Live stream is not available at this competition
  • February 27 – Mar 3 – (Preschool) – Strength & Exercise

*All items are available with details on the website Calendar.  Click here to go to the Calendar



If you are a competitive artistic athlete, you have heard something about mobility scores.  But what do they mean?

This is the process used to qualify whether or not an athlete is ready to move up to the next JO level after a high level of proficiency is achieved at their current level.  It is a score that is listed in the handbook (available upon request) you received.  The score is set to be met throughout the competitions during the year.  The score must be met TWICE in order for an athlete to be considered to move.  This score is also a firm score.  Even if the score is missed by .01, it is still considered to be NOT MET and will require that athlete to achieve the score again.

Why do we have this?

  1. Safety.   It is in place to confirm that the athlete has mastered the skills in their current level in a way that it is safe for them to proceed to the next level.
  2. Success.  It is hard for athletes when they are placed in the wrong levels and the competition is out of their range.  This is another gauge to make sure they are participating in the correct level for their skills.

If you have any other questions regarding mobility scores, then please ask at the front desk.  We are happy to help!

Remember, in conjunction with the mobility scores,  for the 2 weeks prior to a competition, athletes need to have 100% attendance and be able to meet the skill requirements at competitive standards.


Competition Reviews….. (GymPower, X-Finity, Exelta, Cardston, Elite Canada, Nadia Comaneci Invitational)


GymPower was our first artistic and acro competition this year and we are very happy with how it all went!  Congratulations to all of our athletes for presenting yourself with pride and doing your best!  There are a couple of items that we would like to review to make sure that for the athletes next competition we are even better!!

20170112_195130 team-pegasus-group-1-and-2



For Artistic athletes:

  1. Hair Bows – this is part of our competition uniform and is not an optional piece.  There were a few of our athletes that did not have them at the last competition.  They are available at the front desk for $5.  Please make sure that you have them for the next event.
  2. Phoning/Messaging – while the coaches are on the floor, they are working.  They will not answer calls/texts etc at this time.  Sometimes it may be hard to see the long game, but remember that they are doing their best for your athlete.  Even if you can’t see it at the time.  If you have questions, please use the 24 hour rule and wait until the next training session

X-Finity was the first competition of the year for our T&T Athletes.  It was a really good day for all of our athletes and we were thrilled at your first showing of the year.  Congratulations!! We had some first time award winners!



Exelta in Red Deer was a great time for our athletes attending.  We had our competitive athletes JO3 – JO7 at this meet.  Total medal count is not complete at this time

adriao danielle-and-jaylene




Cardston  Our TandT athletes had a great competition.  We had 5 placings in the top 8!  Congratulations!

20170204_182149 20170204_180853



Elite Canada    We had two athletes attend Elite Canada, Evalyn Kaufmann (Novice) and Kierstin Anderson (Senior).  Congratulations to both of our athletes for a job well done.  Kierstin placed 18th on beam and was 22AA.  Evalyn placed 3rd on floor, 2nd on vault and 8thAA.  Evalyn qualified for High Performance status for the 2017 season which enables her to be eligible to be considered for national teams and potential international competitions.

Congratulations to both athletes!

kierstin-elite-canada evalyn-elite-canada





Nadia Comaneci International Invitational    This was a great meet for our artistic athletes.  Not only did they have an opportunity to compete in a large competition in the US, some were able to attend the NCAA Oklahoma University gymnastics competition and at this meet, Simone Biles was there to cheer on a friend on the team!  It was an amazing competition experience.

jo10 jo9 jeremy-kristina-evalyn-kierstin-nadia cox-convention-centre amelia-danae-caris sara-kristina-kierstin-evalyn-kristina kierstin-nadia-evalyn-kristina


January Newsletter 2017









Happy New Year!  We hope that 2017 brings you joy and happiness…..and a lot of great competitions!



*  January 6 – Artistic Meeting – Overview of competition expectations Q&A. (this meeting

*  January 7 – First day back for rec classes

*  January 12 – 15  – GymPower Competition (Artistic, Acro) – Edmonton, Alberta

*  January 21 – X-finity T&T Invitational Competition (T&T) – Lethbridge, Alberta

*  January 27 – 29  – CWG Trampoline Training Camp








So it is competition season again and for some of you, it is your first time competing for Pegasus Gymnastics.  We wanted to give you a list of items that would help you navigate through the season as it can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming to parents with their athletes competing for the first time.   So….here goes……

Pegasus specific items

When our athletes compete, we want to make sure that they look their best as well as perform at their best (yes, this makes a difference).  We have created blogs for you that let you know what they should be wearing and how they should do their hair (please note that this is specific to Artistic Gymnastics) etc.  You can find these articles below:

What to Wear and Other Stuff…

How’s my hair?

A Must Read for Parents Who Are New to Competitions and Travel


So things are happening and competitions are coming up soon.  You have some questions but are not sure where to go.  We have listed some resources below as well as some things that you need to know if you are first time to a competition.



We work hard to make sure that all the information that you need is online.  We manage the Calendar and the main page to give you as much information as you can find.  ALWAYS go there first.  The information that you need will probably be there.



A lot of information is available to you at the front desk in the Gym.  If you can’t find it on the website, this is the next place to go.  Also, if we get enough questions at the front that are the same, it lets us know to make sure that this is something that we should provide online.



We are very lucky here at Pegasus to have such direct access to our coaches.  They work very hard to be available to you and to answer any of your questions.  Some have even given their personal phone numbers out to make sure they are available to you, however, we ask that you make sure that this is not abused.  The phone numbers are to be used for specific instances.  If your athlete will be late for gym or is sick.  If you would like to book a meeting with the coach.  If there is something that can’t wait until you see them again at training.  This is when you should call.

Please DO NOT….EVER….text or try to contact our coaches during competitions while they are on the floor.  Consider this HOLY TIME.  It is when we want our coaches focused on the task at hand and working with your athletes to make them the best that they can be.  They are working hard at this time and we don’t want them distracted any more than the athletes themselves.

*please note.  During competitions it is NOT expected that your coach will talk with you after the meet.  They are working on the next competition and have obligations usually right after the competition so please allow this time to pass.  Even if you have questions regarding the meet.  They can wait.  The first day back to the gym, after training is a great time to ask the coaches questions.  If you have many, it may be good to book a meeting instead.



We are in a unique situation here.  We are a team.  Plain and simple.  However, this is an individual sport where teammates may compete against one another.  Sometimes this can be tough….on the parents.  What you will find is that our athletes do cheer each other on for success and hope they all do well.   It may be harder in the stands to contain that type of team mentality.  Please do not let it affect your athlete.  Let them be the athletes they have worked so hard to be.  Their success should be measured by personal goals and not by the scoreboard (see last month’s newsletter)



While we understand that it is always fun to go to the pool at the hotel.  Athletes are not to go swimming before a competition.  At all.  It is proven that it affects their performance at competitions

and we want to make sure that they are at their best for the meet.



EAT WELL and EAT HEALTHY.  See the last blog on nutrition .  There are some great tips for food for the athletes.  Now that you are not at home and eating out or in the hotel, there are a few things you can do to stay in control of the menu.  Dressings/sauces on the side.  It is then up to the athlete to manage the amount that they need.  A Caesar salad with too much dressing has more calories than a BigMac.  Stay away from any white sauces.   Remember, our athletes are not like hockey players and they do not need to carb load before a competition.



Make sure that your athlete has all that they need for the competition.  Some of them require grips, therabands, chalk, etc.  On their last training day before the competition, they need to pack these items before they leave.   If you are flying to a competition, make sure that all items for the competition (suits, chalk, grips etc) are packing into CARRY ON.  This was learned through experience.  You don’t want to have your suit lost in luggage.



If you can, try not to travel on the same day as a competition.  Let your athlete get the rest they need before heading out to compete.  Trying to drive for 4 hours on the same day as a competition is hard on them.

There is another blog for parents with athletes that are travelling for the first time.  This is another great read!



For those that are wondering about the girls competitive suits.  They are in the process of being made.  It is possible that they will show up at the competition in the 12th hour.  The coaches are aware and will keep you updated closer to the competition on the status of the suits.  Payment for the suits will be through Pegasus once you have the suit.  We will update you shortly.



coaches have little or no contact with parents.  they meet the athletes on the floor.

parents are NOT to go to the floor or talk with their athletes/coaches once they are on the floor.

coaches do not usually attend the medal ceremonies

competitions can run late. plan for it. (sometimes over 4 hours, so make sure that siblings..and you…have something to do)


Some of these items may sound a little harsh, but they are in place for a reason.  As the athletes get older and qualify for higher levels, the demands are higher as well.  There are times when they begin team travel and parents have little to no interaction with their athletes.  Some of these rules are in place to help you and your athlete get used to this type of competition.  Even at the earlier levels, these are good habits to get into now.




Congratulations to Kristina Undheim for being named to Team Sweden!  We are so proud of you!


Congratulations to Kierstin Anderson and Evalyn Kaufmann for making it to Elite Canada.  This is an opportunity for them to qualify as High Performance for the year.  This provides them the opportunity to make national teams as well as compete internationally.







December Newsletter 2016

Image result for december clipart


Welcome to our new Recreational athletes starting their new session this month and welcome to our competitive athletes into the beginning of the competitive season!



*December 10 – First week of recreation winter session begins

*December 22 – Last day of recreation classes before winter break

*December 24 – 26 – GYM CLOSED – (Recreation and all competitive)

*December 27 – 30 – Competitive Teams –  holiday hours in effect (see below for details)

*January 1 – GYM CLOSED – (Recreation and all competitive)

*January 7 – First week back for recreation sessions after holiday season




FOR COMPETITIVE ATHLETES, remember that for some of you, the holidays this year are within 4 weeks of your first competition of the season.  Please try and take as little time off as possible.  If there is training available, please attend.  Also, as per the handbook, if you do not attend classes or cannot meet requirements within 2 weeks of a competition, you may not be able to attend the meet.  It may sound like a hard rule, however, it is proven time and again that the performance of the athletes after taking time off, (even a 4 day weekend)  their skills regress quickly and it can take up to 2 weeks to get back to where they were training before the time off.  This can spell trouble so close to a competition, which is why we ask all athletes to keep attendance up before a meet.    We are aware that this runs into the holiday season this year, but we want to be at our best at the first competition.



Image result for inspirational quotes mens trampolineImage result for mens tumbling





Classes are not running from December 23rd to January 6th


Artistic Competitive

Dec 27 – Dec 30

Group 1 & 2 –   (Tues – Fri )  7-10am  &  2:30-5:30pm (*includes wednesday evening training this week as well)

Group 3 – (Tues – Fri ) 7 – 11:30am

Group 4 to 6  – (Tues – Fri ) 12:00 – 4:00pm

Group 7 – (Wed & Fri only) 12:00 – 4:00pm

Group 8 – (Tues & Thurs only) 12:00 – 4:00pm

*Pre-competitive  does not train during this week


Christmas Camp Trampoline & Tumbling

All competitive athletes are invited to attend Dec 27 – 29  7:00am – 11:00am



Dec 27 – 29  9:00am – 12:00pm each day


What does it mean to be the best?

Recently we had a mock meet to help prepare the athletes for what it would be like at a competition and how it would work with judges etc.  This was a great success and we are positive that it has helped our athletes prepare.

However, we do want to address one  item that has received more attention than it deserves.  SCORING.  This is a slippery slope and we want to make sure that our athletes don’t get caught up with the numbers.  At one meet, the entire competition could be won with a score of 9.1 where at another competition, 9.8 may not be enough to make it into the top 8.  Scoring is subjective and changes for each meet and with each judge. This is something that we as coaches, parents and athletes have no control over.

Instead, at each competition we would like each of our athletes to set goals for themselves.  Goals that they can measure. ie. hitting handstands, meeting requirements, pointed toes etc. Scoring is something that will always change and success cannot be managed by the score. We are working with your athlete to come up with some goals for each competition this year that they can measure. Did you stay on the beam?  Did you smile the entire time? Did you feel confident?

Setting goals like this will have more positive impact for your athlete.   Does the score matter?  Sure, it matters, but let’s focus on improving and growing as a gymnast during each opportunity to compete, regardless of what score ends up on the board.


Image result for inspirational quotes gymnastics


Trampoline and Tumbling Camp a Success!

Earlier in the month of November we had 5 of our Trampoline and Tumbling athletes attend a tumbling camp in Edmonton.  It was a huge success and very positive.  We hope that hey learned all sorts of great things to help them in their competitions this year.  They worked on new tumbling skills and team building.  Great job athletes!

tumbling-camp-team-photo tumbling-camp-team-building tumbling-camp-team-photo2

Nutrition for Gymnasts

Nutrition for gymnasts

The number one question I get asked by parents of younger gymnasts isn’t ” what” should they eat but rather “when”.  How do you structure their food so that they have enough to sustain them through twice a day training, or long evening training and a full day of school without the dreaded slump half way through and the crash where they are so hungry you end up at the drive thru because they can’t make it home.

Gymnastics isn’t a sport that requires a huge amount of calories to supply the energy required therefore you need to make every calorie count, packing as much nutrition as you can into every bite so that it isn’t weighing them down. This is also important for the kid who never wants to eat anything, if you are only eating a few bites they better be the healthiest bites they can be. What many athletes have found works well is grazing – several mini meals through out the day.  

This is what a typical day looks like at our house;

Breakfast before training – some kids don’t like training on a full stomach , mine is one of them.  Breakfast is sprouted wheat toast and peanut butter or oatmeal.  If you can introduce sprouted wheat bread it is great, one slice has the same amount of protein as an egg.

After training – this is when she is starving!  Typically chocolate milk, fruit and a yogurt or muffin.  Muffins can be a great snack but be careful of store bought ones, often they are just ugly cupcakes, loaded with sugar and fat.  Aussie bites from Costco are a great little two bite snack and taste great with peanut butter or dunked in applesauce.  

Lunch – lunch is Usually dinner leftovers in a thermos, , the rest of her milk, veggies and a piece of fruit.  I always freeze leftovers in individual portions so that she has a variety to choose from.  

Before gym – yogurt and a granola bar

After gym – eats whatever is left in her bag on the way home.  This sounds like a lot of food but small portions of several different things is what works best for her.  

Dinner – younger gymnasts who train later may find it hard to eat a big meal right before bed ,  that was when we moved the larger meal to lunch time and just had a light meal on the way home from gym.

Younger gymnasts who still have snack during gym – this is meant to be a quick five minute snack, not a mini meal.  They should be able to eat it in ten bites and be back in the gym.  A yogurt, a piece of fruit or some veggies or some cheese and a couple whole grain crackers is all they need.

Every kid is different and it may take some trial and error to find the right combination for your child and her schedule.  Try and include a fruit or vegetable, a whole grain and some protein at each meal.  Most importantly include your child in the conversation about why this is important.  Good nutrition is a huge part in staying healthy ( and healing quickly) as a gymnast.  If they are part of the planning of what they are eating they are less likely to come home with a full lunch bag.

*** Disclaimer- I am not an expert in nutrition, just a mom who is willing to share what I have learned along the way.

To read something written by a real expert go to the kindle store and download 

Because she is worth it – a nutritional guide for parent with daughters by Dr Joshua Eldridge


He knows gymnastics well and has written it specifically for gymnasts

written by Tracey Anderson    

Tracey is one of our Pegasus Gymnastics parents with a National level gymnast.  We thank her for sharing her knowledge and experiences with other gymnastics parents who are new to the scene and some of the seasoned parents who are always looking for great ways to help out their athletes.   Thank you Tracey!

November Newsletter 2016

Image result for NovemberPegasus Logo - no background

Welcome to Fall!  Time to bring out the warm jackets and boots!  The Fall Session of all our Recreation classes will come to a close this month and Winter classes will begin December 10th.  If you have not registered, classes are open for Registration NOW!


Image result for important dates

November 1 – Open Registration for the Recreation Winter Sessions are available NOW

November 11 – Gym Closed for all athletes (Competitive and Recreation)

November 18 – November 20 – Acro Training Camp

November 18 – 19 – T&T Competitive Tumbling Training Camp

November 25 – Artistic Mock Meet (see below for details)

November 29  –  December 5   – Last classes for the Fall Session

December 2 – Competitive athletes sleep over!




Click here to Register





It is time for Review!

For all of our competitive athletes, we have a blog online that contains all sorts of important information for the upcoming competitive season.  Everything from “How to wear your hair for competition” to “How parents can prepare their athletes for Team Travel”.  This is a great resource of information and we encourage you to go and review.

Thank you to Tracey Anderson, who is our blog author.  She is the mother of our highest level athlete at Pegasus and is a wealth of information.  Such great tips and tricks for everyone.  Make sure that you check our site for new updates and blog entries.  There is always great information listed!

Thank you Tracey!

Here are some quick links to some of the blogs:

How’s my hair?

What to wear and other stuff…

A must read for Parents who are new to competition and travel




-The mock meet for all competitive Artistic Athletes is on November 25th.  The times are TBD but will most likely run at the time of their regular training times.

-This is a full competitive mock meet.  All athletes are asked to attend in their competitive suits with hair done as per the team guidelines (see “How’s my hair?” in the blog section above)

-Pegasus is bringing in Alberta judges to score the athletes which will help them prepare for their competitive meets coming in the new year.

-During the mock meet, parents are allowed in the gym to watch the event.

Please note:

* this is run as a competitive event so it will take time (minimum 3-4 hours)

* we are asking that you respect the gym the same as we ask our athletes, so no food or drinks in the gym (except water)

*siblings are not allowed on the equipment during the competition

*If possible, we would like the athletes to watch their teammates during this entire meet.  We know it is a long day but the benefits of the younger girls being able to watch their older teammates in this setting is extremely valuable

More details are to follow once times are confirmed



welcome back evalyn

It was a great week in England for Evalyn!   She was chosen to be part of Team Excel A which won the team Gold medal and made it to vault finals.  It was a great opportunity and Evalyn’s first time competing internationally.  PegasusPride!

Team Excel Amazing Success at Rushmoor Rose Bowl Invitational 

team excel gold

Team Excel Gold 2016IMG_1012




To all parents, please remember that only athletes and coaches are to be in the gym at all times.  If you need to speak with a coach or athlete, please wait until they are out of the gym.  If you need to speak with them right away, please contact the front desk and they will get them for you.



October 2016 Newsletter

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Welcome to October!  Our favorite month.  Why?  Because everything is orange!

We hope that everyone is now settled into school and their routines are getting to be…routine.  Our next month will bring new moves and a focus on getting strong and fit so our athletes can handle the competition season with ease.  Expect sore, tired and motivated athletes!



*  October 8, 9 & 10 – Gym Closed for Thanksgiving

* October 15 – AGF Awards Gala

*  October 24 – 28 –  Competitive Artistic – ROUTINE testing – Goal 90%

*  October 31 – Regular training


healthy snacksIt is 3:05 and you are about to do all the pick ups at school for the drop off to gym (T&T, Artistic, Acro, Recreation).  You have a young athlete that is coming home from the day at school and is starving.  What do you select?  What is fast?  What can anyone do to help?

We have all been there and it is definitely something that will take a little bit of planning, but we hope that we can help you setup a quick and simple plan to make sure our athletes are getting the best possible fuel for their systems.  We place a lot of demand on their bodies while they are training.  Gymnastics (all types) is a sport that demands focus and strength.  If their bodies are not fueled properly, they can become tired and not make good judgements which can be frustrating at best and dangerous at worst!

See the attached link for some snack ideas.   It is only suggestions, but hopefully will spark some ideas to keep the snacks fun and healthy.

Snack Solutions for Athletes


Below is the Harvard Medical School Healthy Eating Plate.  Pegasus supports this plan as a guideline to healthy eating for our athletes.



Image result for good luckGood Luck to Evalyn Kaufmann who will be travelling to England this month to compete on the Alberta Gymnastics Federation Team Excel.  We wish our Alberta team the best!

Karen, Evalyn and Jeremy2












We would like to say Congratulations to all of our Pegasus athletes and coaches that are being recognized this month at the Alberta Gymnastics Federation Awards Gala.  We are so proud of all of you!

2016 Gala - Evalyn, Kierstin, Jada, Carlee, Kira, Kristina

Coach Deanna – Most active Provincial level judge, 10 Year pin

Mackenzie Parker – National Achievement

Evalyn Kaufmann – High Performance

Kierstin Anderson – National Achievement

Jada Mazury – National Achievement

Carlee Mucz – National Achievement

Kira Tardif – National Achievement

Kirstina Undheim – National Achievement

Coach Karen Haverstock – 15 Year pin

Karen HaverstockDeanna Critchley

Coach Karen Haverstock and Coach Deanna Critchley



Welcome to all of our new athletes at Pegasus this Fall Season!  We are looking forward to making new champions this year and hitting new heights!

image011 image005 athletes42 Alberta Cup #2 - Team 20160203_134235 GWGF2016-Ana, Danae, Caris, Emlyn, Deanna Oklahoma NCAA team and Team Pegasus - Nadia Invitational Alberta Cup #2 - Team warm up


September 2016 Newsletter




Back to School!

It is time for “back to school” and this means a new season of gymnastics too!  These are long days and it always takes a little time for our athletes to adjust to the additional requirement of school AND gym.  It is important to make sure that they get enough rest and that they are eating well at this time too.  It is NORMAL to have tears in September, just remember that it is an adjustment period and not a time to make big decisions.



*  August 29 – First day back to fall training times (T&T Competitive and Artistic Competitive)

*  September 1 – Women’s Artistic Parents Meeting (includes all levels) – 6:30-7:30pm

*  September 4 & 5 – Gym Closed (labour day)

*  September 7 – Competitive Acro Parents Meeting – 7:00-7:30pm

* September 7 to 15 – Used Suit Sale

*  September 8 – Competitive T&T Parents Meeting (includes all levels) – 7:00-8:00pm

*  September 9 – Final Touch (Isabelle) here for competitive suit fittings

*  September 10 – First week of Fall Recreation Sessions

*  September 19 to 23 – Progress Report Testing #2



Competitive Testing – Progress Reports

The Competitive Artistic Team went through their first rounds of progress reports in mid August.  We want to say that we are proud of all of our athletes as they took this progress report as a challenge and worked very hard to achieve their goals.  Congratulations to all of our athletes!

Progress reports can contain the following items.  (Please note that this progress report only tested one element)

* Skill requirement

* Form

* Line

* Stability (ie.  no falls, perfect landings)

* Amplitude (height and split of elements)

This progress report is only looking at minimum skill requirements for their current level.  This is NOT an all around grade.

A progress report will be sent home with your athlete once they have been completed.  We are looking for a report score of 50% or more on your athletes progress in their current level.  This means that of all the required skills at their current level we would like to see them with at least 50% at this time.  By September this progress would increase to 70%, then 90% in October and 100% in November at the Mock Meet (information on the mock meet to come later…)

We understand that some of you may have questions as this is the first time we have had a progress report, and we are happy to meet with you.  Please feel free to book a meeting with us if you would like to get clarification or have any questions or concerns.

The progress report is just that.  It was designed to help the coaches make sure that your athlete is on the correct path for their level.  We want all of our athletes to feel success throughout the year and the progress report will help us work with them to achieve their goals.



New and Used Suit Sale!

Our used suit sale will be from September 7 -15.  This is so both competitive and recreational athletes have an opportunity to shop through the suits.  Initially we would like to have the suit sale Wednesday and Thursday evening from 5-8pm.  After the two days we will keep the suits available until the 15th but they will just be kept out front.

We would like to ask any parent volunteers to help with the suit sale on the Wednesday and Thursday evening for the 3 hour shifts on the first two days.  Please let Michelle Kaufmann know if you can help out during these times.


If you would like to sell some of your gently used suits, please setup the items as per below:

1.  Each suit must be on it’s own hanger

2. Each suit has an envelope attached with the following written:

–  your athletes name

–  how much you want to sell the suit for (in $5 increments only please)

–  the size of the suit

If you have suits to sell, please have them delivered and ready for sale by Monday September 5th.

 **This suit sale is cash only!**

New suits will be available from Final Touch (Isabelle) for sale as well.

Team Gold at Ed Vincent Competition

Fittings for New Competitive Suits and used Competitive suit swap

Isabelle (Final Touch) will be here on Friday September 9th during training times to fit for any new suits required (this is for all competitive Artistic, T&T and Acro).   We will also be doing the used competitive suit swap.  The suits will go for 1/2 price (this is for ease of the trade!)  and we will have Isabelle available if you would like to have her custom fit the suit to your athlete (this is an additional cost).

**Please note.  All competitive suit designs, fits, and final decisions are to be made by the coaches.  This is in order to keep consistency for all of our athletes and this is non negotiable.




Congratulations to Evalyn Kaufmann for being accepted to the Junior/Youth Team Canada Training Camp in Montreal.  This is a great way to start of the new competitive season!

Evalyn and Jeremy will be in Montreal at the end of August for this camp.

Go show ’em what you can do!



Health and Hygiene

*         Please make sure that all water bottles in the gym seal properly and only contain water.      Remember, sporimage015t drinks and juice do not hydrate as well as water for your athletes while training.

*         Also, if your athletes have any open wounds or any items that are contagious (ie.  warts),  please make sure that when in the gym they are covered until they are treated.  It helps us all keep our gym clean as well as our athletes and coaches as healthy as possible.

*         Rips – Rips are caused by calluses building up on the hands when training on bars.  If they get too big or are not treated, they can rip off causing a hole in the hand.  Some are more severe than others, but all of them should be looked after properly.

Click on the link below to a basic instruction sheet on how to manage a rip/tear due to bars.  We want to make sure that we are looking after our athletes as best we can.  How to treat rips






Congratulations to Coach Stevie and her fiancé Chris!  We hope you have a fabulous wedding and honeymoon!  We will see you when you get back MRS. Pearson!

Stevie and Chris










Have A Happy September Everyone!  Pegasus Pride!