April & May Newsletter 2017


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Spring is coming!  Spring is coming!  Welcome to all of our new Recreation athletes here for our Spring session.

We are looking forward to a great season!




April 17 – 23 – (Recreation – Preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Static and Balance Week

April 24 – 30 – (Recreation – Preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – ABC & Numbers Week

April 26 – 29 – (Artistic) – Western Canadian Championships in Brandon, Manitoba.  Best of luck to all of our Pegasus athletes that have qualified to Westerns!

May 1 – 7 – (Recreation – Preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Rolls & Jumps week

May 5 – 7 – (Artistic) – Mountain Magic Invitational

May 5 – 7 – (T&T) – T&T Canada Cup

May 8 – 14 – (Recreation – preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Inverted and Crazy Hair week

May 15 – 19 – (Recreation – preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Backwards week

May 20 – 22 – GYM CLOSED – No training

May 23 – 26 – (Recreation – Preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Strength and Exercise

May 23 – 28 – (Artistic) – Canadian National Championships (Montreal)

May 30 – Apr 2 – (Recreation – preschool, Tiny Tots, Super Tots) – Colours



no-limitsRegistration for the NO LIMITS Competitive Camp is now open to all competitive artistic athletes.

Pegasus competitive artistic athletes, make sure that you register as soon as possible for the camp before it fills!




You can register through Amilia and reserve your spot with a $100 deposit.

Click here to register for NO LIMITS


Provincials (Artistic and Acro)

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We wanted to share our success at Provincials in both Artistic and Acro!

Pegasus Medal count!

Artistic  –    Gold – 16         Silver – 9            Bronze – 8

Acro –       Gold – 1         Silver – 2

pegasus-provincial-team-2017 Our artistic team had over 30 teammates attending this years Provincial Championships.

Congratulations to all of our athletes on a job well done!






Congratulations to Jada Mazury and Kierstin Anderson for qualifying to Canadian National Championships!  We will all be cheering you on while you are competing in Montreal in May!


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We will be holding tryouts for our competitive and pre-competitive gymnastics teams.






ARTISTIC  – 4:00pm, All levels (Born 2003 – 2013)

ACRO – 4:00pm, All levels (Born 2011 and older)

T&T –




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We are excited to share the news with everyone that we are expanding!  Over the next year, we will be taking over the space next door.  We are thrilled to announce that there will be great new updates to our current space and our expansion!

As time goes on throughout the year, we will provide you with more information, but we couldn’t wait to tell you the great news!








Gymnastics Rocks the Rockies!

For those of you that don’t know, Pegasus will be hosting a new Artistic gymnastics competition (JO Level 3 – JO Level 10) this January 5 – 7 in Banff, Alberta!   Please make sure that you check out our Facebook page and share with your friends!!

click here to go to our FACEBOOK page


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WAIT!!!   We have had to reschedule the year end BBQ!  We have our competitive year end photo’s booked on this date instead, so we will have to move BBQ.  Watch the next blog for more information on the NEW date and location.  Thanks everyone!


We love when our athletes are featured in publications!!

wowCongratulations to Olivia Keegan and Kierstin Anderson!  Olivia was featured in the Western Wheel Okotoks Newspaper and Kierstin had her photo featured in International Gymnast Magazine.    #pegasuspride





Good luck to all of our T&T athletes as well as our Artistic athletes this month for the T&T Provincials and Western Canadian Championships for Artistic.  We are waiting to cheer you all on!


Nutrition for Gymnasts

Nutrition for gymnasts

The number one question I get asked by parents of younger gymnasts isn’t ” what” should they eat but rather “when”.  How do you structure their food so that they have enough to sustain them through twice a day training, or long evening training and a full day of school without the dreaded slump half way through and the crash where they are so hungry you end up at the drive thru because they can’t make it home.

Gymnastics isn’t a sport that requires a huge amount of calories to supply the energy required therefore you need to make every calorie count, packing as much nutrition as you can into every bite so that it isn’t weighing them down. This is also important for the kid who never wants to eat anything, if you are only eating a few bites they better be the healthiest bites they can be. What many athletes have found works well is grazing – several mini meals through out the day.  

This is what a typical day looks like at our house;

Breakfast before training – some kids don’t like training on a full stomach , mine is one of them.  Breakfast is sprouted wheat toast and peanut butter or oatmeal.  If you can introduce sprouted wheat bread it is great, one slice has the same amount of protein as an egg.

After training – this is when she is starving!  Typically chocolate milk, fruit and a yogurt or muffin.  Muffins can be a great snack but be careful of store bought ones, often they are just ugly cupcakes, loaded with sugar and fat.  Aussie bites from Costco are a great little two bite snack and taste great with peanut butter or dunked in applesauce.  

Lunch – lunch is Usually dinner leftovers in a thermos, , the rest of her milk, veggies and a piece of fruit.  I always freeze leftovers in individual portions so that she has a variety to choose from.  

Before gym – yogurt and a granola bar

After gym – eats whatever is left in her bag on the way home.  This sounds like a lot of food but small portions of several different things is what works best for her.  

Dinner – younger gymnasts who train later may find it hard to eat a big meal right before bed ,  that was when we moved the larger meal to lunch time and just had a light meal on the way home from gym.

Younger gymnasts who still have snack during gym – this is meant to be a quick five minute snack, not a mini meal.  They should be able to eat it in ten bites and be back in the gym.  A yogurt, a piece of fruit or some veggies or some cheese and a couple whole grain crackers is all they need.

Every kid is different and it may take some trial and error to find the right combination for your child and her schedule.  Try and include a fruit or vegetable, a whole grain and some protein at each meal.  Most importantly include your child in the conversation about why this is important.  Good nutrition is a huge part in staying healthy ( and healing quickly) as a gymnast.  If they are part of the planning of what they are eating they are less likely to come home with a full lunch bag.

*** Disclaimer- I am not an expert in nutrition, just a mom who is willing to share what I have learned along the way.

To read something written by a real expert go to the kindle store and download 

Because she is worth it – a nutritional guide for parent with daughters by Dr Joshua Eldridge


He knows gymnastics well and has written it specifically for gymnasts

written by Tracey Anderson    

Tracey is one of our Pegasus Gymnastics parents with a National level gymnast.  We thank her for sharing her knowledge and experiences with other gymnastics parents who are new to the scene and some of the seasoned parents who are always looking for great ways to help out their athletes.   Thank you Tracey!

July 2016 – Newsletter



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Happy Anniversary!

Welcome to Pegasus’ second year!  We are thrilled to say that we had a successful season and can’t believe what a great first year we had.  We have made many changes and upgrades throughout the season and we have more planned for the coming season.  At the end of June we were closed and during that time we cleaned and steamed to be ready for the new year!  The gym is ready for you!

image014Competitive Camp  June 30 – July 1 we ran our first Competitive Camp.  Thank you to the coaches for travelling from across Canada and the United States to make this such a success.  It was amazing!

coaches5 - grayscale






There were new skills, friendships made, laughing, games, and athletes earning the opportunity to pie a coach in the face for all their hard work.

Can’t wait to see you again next year!















Housekeeping and Hygiene reminders  image015


·         Please make sure that all water bottles in the gym seal properly and only contain water.  Remember, sport drinks and juice do not hydrate as well as water for your athletes while training.

·         Also, if your athletes have any open wounds or any items that are contagious (ie.  warts),  please make sure that when in the gym they are covered until they are treated.  It helps us all keep our gym clean as well as our athletes and coaches as healthy as possible.

Strong performances at 2016 Nationals


Congratulations to all our Pegasus Athletes at Nationals in Edmonton! A great success!


Mackenzie: 3rd in floor and beam! 7th on vault and 5th all around, Team Alberta Silver

Kierstin: 9th on beam and 11 all around, Team Alberta Silver

mackenzie and kierstin nationals

Kristina: 8th on bars 3rd on beam and 6th all around, Team Alberta Silver

kirstina nationals

Evalyn: 7th on beam and  1st on vault, 9th AA  – Pegasus’ 1st ever national champion on vault

Evalyn nationals

Pegasus Provincials a success in both Artistic and T&T

Congratulations to all of our athletes that participated in the Alberta Provincial Championships the last two weekends.  We are thrilled to have such a great team and great support from parents too!  Provincial and National comp season are always a little more demanding and high pressure for coaches, athletes and parents, but we are doing well.  Pretty soon we will be able to relax (for a weekend) and celebrate a great year with a fun BBQ and celebration, then on to bigger and better things!  Time for new moves and conditioning, conditioning, conditioning…

Here are the results for each session from Provincials:



provincials-logo          ARTISTIC CHAMPIONS

          MEDAL COUNT

          BRONZE – 10

          SILVER – 22

          GOLD – 10




Breann – All Around, Uneven Bars, Beam

Naviyah – Floor

Diamond – All Around

Julianna – Floor

Kristina – Uneven Bars

Evalyn – Beam, Vault





Athletes who made it to Finals (Top 10 for each category) :

Lauren,  Anya,  Claire,  Alicia,  Tatum,  Haley R,  Hailey S




Anya – DMT – Gold , Tramp – 4th

Lauren – Tum – Silver

Claire – DMT – Silver, Tramp – 5th, Tumbling – 4th

Alicia – DMT – 8th, Tramp – 8th

Tatum – DMT – 5th

Haley R – Tramp – 7th




Making it to Westerns 2016



Congratulations to our Pegasus athletes who made Team Alberta and are going to Western Canadian Championships in Richmond!

Amanda Keegan, Kierstin Anderson, Kristina Undheim, Kira Tardif, Carlee Mucz and Olivia Keegan as alternate.

It is a great accomplishment!   Good luck at Westerns!! 

What to wear, and other stuff…

Okay, competition is coming and we want to make sure that your athlete is setup for success.  No worrying about the small stuff.  Here is a list of the small stuff that can turn into big stuff if you are not prepared.  Ready?  Here we go…


Please arrive at the competition venue 30 minutes prior to your listed warm-up time.  There will be a registration table for the athletes. This is where you say good-bye and good luck and send them to their coaches.

*Make sure you have cash on hand.  All competitions charge entry fee to come and watch and it is usually cash only.

This is a good time to check your phone battery.  Scores are usually posted live on a website and it would be really disappointing to run out of battery life just before the final scores!  Usually a QR Code is provided at the meet for you to scan and view the scores, OR you can go to the Pegasus website and the link will be provided there too!


When your athlete arrives at the venue make sure that they are dressed and ready to go, hair done and bags packed.

COMP SUIT – you should already have your suit on by the time you check in at the registration table.

LEGGINGS – plain black leggings only. No coloured stitching or waistbands.

JACKET – Go Team Pegasus!  Please be wearing your team jacket when you arrive.  On travel meets you are also expected to wear the jacket when you go to watch your teammates compete.

SHIRTS – Please make sure you have either your orange t-shirt or your Pegasus shirt.  You are expected to be wearing one of these.

SOCKS – clean…white….plain.  Buy several pairs at the beginning of the season and keep with the comp suit so you aren’t searching at the last minute.

*your athlete can also bring slippers or flip flops to wear on the competition floor as the concrete floor can get cold.

MAKE-UP – Make up is not required but if your athlete usually wears it, please make sure it is natural looking.  This is not the time to try something new.

jacket and leggings comp suit and leggings shirt and leggings pegasus orange shirt and leggings










If you are wearing your track suit, you are representing Pegasus.  Please be on your best behavior even if you are less than pleased with your results.  Good sportsmanship is a must.  This goes for parents too!  You never know who is sitting around you.  It reflects poorly to hear you badmouthing another athlete or gym.  Remember they are all someones child and they are doing their best.  The same goes for how you speak about your own child.  Stay positive!



It can be a long day for your athlete so make sure they have a water bottle (water only please) and a snack (nothing messy or hard to eat).  Some competitions can last up to four hours and it helps to have something to tide them over.  Easy one bite snacks.



After you have said good-bye to your athlete your job is done.  Please do not try to talk to them during the competition.  The floor is off limits unless you are competing.  If there is anything you MUST talk to your athlete about once they are on the floor, please go through the coach.



It is a long day for siblings that are attending the event with you.  Make sure they have hours of fun packed in a backpack they can use to keep busy.  There are lots of things our athletes need to focus on during competition and little brothers and sisters are not one of them.  It is distracting to all athletes.



Please, NO swimming before the competition.  Swimming can be exhausting and we want our athletes to be the best they can.  After the meet, swim, swim, swim all you want!



It is important for your athlete to eat well leading up to the competition day.  You know your athlete best, so make sure that they are well fed but not “full” before the competition.  Plan ahead for the meet.  If they are competing at a different time than they normally train, take that into account and plan accordingly.


Your athlete has done all the hard work and training and this is the fun part!  They are already nervous, so don’t take it personally if they are distracted or edgy.

Most of all, Stay Positive and Have Fun!


How’s my hair?

Now that competition season is upon us there are many questions for parents and athletes alike.  One common question is “How do I do my hair?”  Well, this is for you!  Thanks to Coach Nicole (our resident athlete hairstylist) we have some examples for you.

The coaches would like to keep the hair of all of our Pegasus athletes consistent and clean looking.  Please make sure that you only select one of these styles for competition.  We want to make sure our team, looks like a team!

NO – ballerina buns please

NO – elaborate braids, twists etc that cause all the other parents to say…..”how did she do that?”

YES – All the girls must wear the hair bow.  A quick thank you to Tracey Anderson who has graciously hand made all of the bows for all the girls hair.  The coaches will have the bows for each athlete.

YES – hairspray, spray gel, gel, whatever it takes.  Practice before training to see if it holds.  If it makes it through training, you have used enough spray.

YES – hairclips need to be as close to your hair colour as possible.  No rainbow, sparkle, glitter clips please.

** It is a little known secret, that TWO elastics will hold twice as well as one!  Make sure they have extra elastics (in a neutral colour).  the more they use, the tighter the hold.


There are only two hairstyles that the coaches would like to see on the athletes.


Plain Ponytail


This sounds self-explanatory but be forewarned!  If the ponytail is too long, the girls can receive a deduction.  This is NOT the way to lose points in a competition!  What is too long?  Well, if the hair at the end of the ponytail touches any of the apparatus during their routine, it is too long.

If you want to keep the hair in a plain ponytail but it is very long, try curling the hair into ringlets.  It can usually take a few inches off of the length.  A simple french braid of the bangs into the bun or ponytail is fine (see pic below in flip over bun).

The ponytail is to sit high on the head.  If it is high enough if you should be able to see the bow from the front.

The bow goes on with the tails next to the head.  It sounds backwards but it looks better.

ponytail top viewponytail side view2ponytail right sideponytail back view

















Flip Over Bun

A flip over bun is created the same way as the ponytail but the end of the ponytail is left inside the elastic to create a “loop”.  Please make sure that the flip over bun is secure!  Also, the end of the ponytail is tucked under and hidden (see pictures below).  A simple french braid of the bangs into the bun or ponytail is fine.



flip over bun with braid flip over bun with braid 3 flip over bun with braid 2 flip over bun back view Flip over bun with tail hidden

























We hope this helps on competition day when all the moms (and dads) are helping our athletes prepare.

Good luck to everyone in the upcoming competition season!

A must read for all Pegasus parents who are new to competitions and travel

A special thank you to Tracey Anderson for sharing her wisdom and knowledge with all of us!

Here are some of the things I have learned as a gym mom and team manager.

Most importantly, your child is ready for this.  If you are excited for them and confident, they will be too.  Conversely if you are nervous and not sure they can handle it they will pick up on that too.

Here are some tips I have learned along the way.

Before you go

Don’t let this be the first time away from you, arrange sleepovers with other kids from gym.

Practice living out of suitcase for a weekend.  Work out a system with them for keeping their stuff organized. With four girls in a room they have to keep their stuff together.

Go out for dinner and show them how to look for healthy options on the menu,  narrow it down to a few things they like so they know what to ask for if they don’t see it on the menu. let them order themselves . Show them how to figure out tip and let them pay themselves.  Go to Subway and have them do all their ordering and paying themselves .

Talk about handling homesickness and how they will cope.

If they are nervous about doing their hair have them practice with an older girl at the gym after training one night.  The older girls will make sure they are ready before competition.

If you want to send a pre paid visa or debit card make sure they know how to use it.  Practice with it before they go. Only the pre paid Visa cards with the raised numbers work every where.  Make sure the debit card has the visa symbol on it if they are in the US. They do need some cash as well.  Often one person will go and pick up food for a group of them.


A small rolling carry on size suitcase is all they need.

Make sure they have their suit , track jacket, music and grips in their carry on.

Pack cards, small games, movies, rainbow loom etc to keep busy in hotel room

Pack LOTS of snacks, divide between a couple of ziplock so they don’t run out the first day. Make sure they have snacks in their backpack as well as they will be at the venue watching the other girls compete most of the day.

ZIPLOCS are the best way to keep their suitcase organized.  They don’t need lots of clothes  as they will wear their track jacket every day.

Make sure they have warm waterproof boots for Montreal.  It is often slushy and they walk from the metro to the venue every day. Ugg type boots get wet through. Rubber boots with warm socks are a better choice if that is what your daughter has.

Pack a special stuffy or blanket for sleeping. Even the big girls have their special things

A small cross body purse is a convenient way for them to keep their money close and organized.  Make sure they have some small bills and change as well.  Give them enough for a couple of days and give the rest to the coach in SM Ziploc with their name on it.  $40 / day is a rough estimate for food.

While they are gone

They will be fine !!!!

They can always text or face time with you when they are in the hotel room.  If they don’t have an iPod or a phone don’t worry.  They can use one of the older girls.  If you want to give your number to an older girl to pass on messages to your child just make arrangements after training before you go.

It is better to text or talk  early in the day, sometimes a happy kid becomes teary when tired and talking to mom at bedtime.

It is important for the girls to cheer on their team mates as a team.  You can say hi to your child at the venue but encourage them to stay with their team.  This is an important team bonding time for them.

Give them space, they are ready for this and if they are really struggling they need to let their coach know.  They are looking to you for reassurance that they can handle this.

When you see your child at the airport when you pick them up they will have so much to tell you,  team travel is a great opportunity for them to grow and develop confidence.