January Newsletter 2017









Happy New Year!  We hope that 2017 brings you joy and happiness…..and a lot of great competitions!



*  January 6 – Artistic Meeting – Overview of competition expectations Q&A. (this meeting

*  January 7 – First day back for rec classes

*  January 12 – 15  – GymPower Competition (Artistic, Acro) – Edmonton, Alberta

*  January 21 – X-finity T&T Invitational Competition (T&T) – Lethbridge, Alberta

*  January 27 – 29  – CWG Trampoline Training Camp








So it is competition season again and for some of you, it is your first time competing for Pegasus Gymnastics.  We wanted to give you a list of items that would help you navigate through the season as it can be confusing and sometimes overwhelming to parents with their athletes competing for the first time.   So….here goes……

Pegasus specific items

When our athletes compete, we want to make sure that they look their best as well as perform at their best (yes, this makes a difference).  We have created blogs for you that let you know what they should be wearing and how they should do their hair (please note that this is specific to Artistic Gymnastics) etc.  You can find these articles below:

What to Wear and Other Stuff…

How’s my hair?

A Must Read for Parents Who Are New to Competitions and Travel


So things are happening and competitions are coming up soon.  You have some questions but are not sure where to go.  We have listed some resources below as well as some things that you need to know if you are first time to a competition.



We work hard to make sure that all the information that you need is online.  We manage the Calendar and the main page to give you as much information as you can find.  ALWAYS go there first.  The information that you need will probably be there.



A lot of information is available to you at the front desk in the Gym.  If you can’t find it on the website, this is the next place to go.  Also, if we get enough questions at the front that are the same, it lets us know to make sure that this is something that we should provide online.



We are very lucky here at Pegasus to have such direct access to our coaches.  They work very hard to be available to you and to answer any of your questions.  Some have even given their personal phone numbers out to make sure they are available to you, however, we ask that you make sure that this is not abused.  The phone numbers are to be used for specific instances.  If your athlete will be late for gym or is sick.  If you would like to book a meeting with the coach.  If there is something that can’t wait until you see them again at training.  This is when you should call.

Please DO NOT….EVER….text or try to contact our coaches during competitions while they are on the floor.  Consider this HOLY TIME.  It is when we want our coaches focused on the task at hand and working with your athletes to make them the best that they can be.  They are working hard at this time and we don’t want them distracted any more than the athletes themselves.

*please note.  During competitions it is NOT expected that your coach will talk with you after the meet.  They are working on the next competition and have obligations usually right after the competition so please allow this time to pass.  Even if you have questions regarding the meet.  They can wait.  The first day back to the gym, after training is a great time to ask the coaches questions.  If you have many, it may be good to book a meeting instead.



We are in a unique situation here.  We are a team.  Plain and simple.  However, this is an individual sport where teammates may compete against one another.  Sometimes this can be tough….on the parents.  What you will find is that our athletes do cheer each other on for success and hope they all do well.   It may be harder in the stands to contain that type of team mentality.  Please do not let it affect your athlete.  Let them be the athletes they have worked so hard to be.  Their success should be measured by personal goals and not by the scoreboard (see last month’s newsletter)



While we understand that it is always fun to go to the pool at the hotel.  Athletes are not to go swimming before a competition.  At all.  It is proven that it affects their performance at competitions

and we want to make sure that they are at their best for the meet.



EAT WELL and EAT HEALTHY.  See the last blog on nutrition .  There are some great tips for food for the athletes.  Now that you are not at home and eating out or in the hotel, there are a few things you can do to stay in control of the menu.  Dressings/sauces on the side.  It is then up to the athlete to manage the amount that they need.  A Caesar salad with too much dressing has more calories than a BigMac.  Stay away from any white sauces.   Remember, our athletes are not like hockey players and they do not need to carb load before a competition.



Make sure that your athlete has all that they need for the competition.  Some of them require grips, therabands, chalk, etc.  On their last training day before the competition, they need to pack these items before they leave.   If you are flying to a competition, make sure that all items for the competition (suits, chalk, grips etc) are packing into CARRY ON.  This was learned through experience.  You don’t want to have your suit lost in luggage.



If you can, try not to travel on the same day as a competition.  Let your athlete get the rest they need before heading out to compete.  Trying to drive for 4 hours on the same day as a competition is hard on them.

There is another blog for parents with athletes that are travelling for the first time.  This is another great read!



For those that are wondering about the girls competitive suits.  They are in the process of being made.  It is possible that they will show up at the competition in the 12th hour.  The coaches are aware and will keep you updated closer to the competition on the status of the suits.  Payment for the suits will be through Pegasus once you have the suit.  We will update you shortly.



coaches have little or no contact with parents.  they meet the athletes on the floor.

parents are NOT to go to the floor or talk with their athletes/coaches once they are on the floor.

coaches do not usually attend the medal ceremonies

competitions can run late. plan for it. (sometimes over 4 hours, so make sure that siblings..and you…have something to do)


Some of these items may sound a little harsh, but they are in place for a reason.  As the athletes get older and qualify for higher levels, the demands are higher as well.  There are times when they begin team travel and parents have little to no interaction with their athletes.  Some of these rules are in place to help you and your athlete get used to this type of competition.  Even at the earlier levels, these are good habits to get into now.




Congratulations to Kristina Undheim for being named to Team Sweden!  We are so proud of you!


Congratulations to Kierstin Anderson and Evalyn Kaufmann for making it to Elite Canada.  This is an opportunity for them to qualify as High Performance for the year.  This provides them the opportunity to make national teams as well as compete internationally.