Our Winter program starts the week of December 11th and runs for 12 weeks (time is given for winter break.

We offer classes in Artistic gymnastics (bars, beam, floor, vault) and T&T (trampoline, double mini & tumbling)



Preschool and Recreational Descriptions

Tiny Tots- 45 min – 18 months to 3 years old boys and girls (parented)

Want a great way to spend some time with your child? Introducing children to gymnastics early is a great way to develop coordination, balance, strength, and discipline, all while having fun bouncing, jumping, rolling, and climbing. (Child must be walking unassisted and accompanied by a Parent)


Un-Parented Tot and Kinder Classes:

Gymnastics is the perfect base sport by providing children with the opportunity to improve strength, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness, motor skills, patterning, memory and concentration. Pegasus staff provide a fun atmosphere that develops and promotes independence, helping children make a smooth transition to school or other sports.

  • Super Tots-1 hr – 3 years old boys and girls
  • JR Jumpers- 1 hr – 4 years old boys and girls
  • SR Jumpers- 1 hr – 5 years old boys and girls


Beginner JO Level 1 Recreational-1.5 hrs – 6-16 years

This class follows The  women’s JO Level 1 compulsory routine. The scope of this class is to teach them the building blocks to achieve these routines.


Advanced JO Level 1 Recreational-1.5 hrs  -6-16 years

This class offers a more detailed look at the women’s  JO Level 1 routines. The expectation will be on the details and the fine tuning of all skills. (previous experience in gymnastics is required)


Beginner JO Level 2 Recreational– 2 hrs  – 7-16 years

Level 2 is the more advanced of the levels and requires advancement through women’s JO level 1. If you child has gymnastics experience this maybe the group for them!

Advanced JO Level 2 Recreational– 2 hrs x2 a week –7-16 years.                                                                                                  This is getting them prepared to do more gymnastics at a competitive level. It is the perfect class for someone looking for more training in a week. This allows the gymnast more time to work on there skills and advance through level 2.



Recreational Trampoline Program Descriptions

Our recreation program is 12 weeks in duration


Trampoline- 1 hrs – 6-16 years

Pegasus is the only club in Calgary that offers a full hour of specialized trampoline training. Focusing on both trampoline and double-mini trampoline. Pegasus staff promote proper  trampoline technique and strong basics through our advance coaching.


Trampoline and Tumbling Level 1 Beginners / Advnaced-1.5 hrs – 6-16 years

These T&T programs will offer double mini, trampoline and tumbling. Pegasus staff promote proper technique and strong basics through our advance coaching.
(Previous Trampoline and Tumbling experience is required for the Advanced class)


Trampoline and Tumbling Level 2—2 hrs 7-16 years

This class offers a more challenging T&T experience.   Because of this, previous training in a T&T program or an evaluation by one of our certified coaches is required.


Tumbling -1 hr- 7-16 years

Our tumbling class provides the opportunity to focus completely on tumbling, allowing for rapid improvement. This is perfect for Cheerleading, Acro, Parkour, or to just learn and improve tumbling skills.