February Newsletter 2017

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It may be the end of winter season but that means our competitive season is here!



  • February 2 – 5 (Artistic) – Elite Canada – Cheer on our Pegasus athletes Kierstin Anderson and Evalyn Kaufmann as they compete for High Performance.  There will be live streaming video for this competition so stay tuned on the website for links!
  • February 3 – 5 (Artistic) – Exelta Cup in Red Deer – Cheer our JO3 – JO7 athletes on at this competition.  Live scoring will be available on our website.  Watch the main site for the links
  • February 4 – (T&T) – Cardston Cup Invitational – Live scoring/Live stream is not available at this competition
  • February 6 – 20 (Preschool) – Inverted and Crazy Hair week
  • February 10 – 12 (Acro) – Calgary Acro Winter Camp
  • February 10 – 12 (Artistic) – Nadia Comaneci Invitational – Live scoring/Live stream is not available at this competition
  • February 13 – 17 – (Preschool) – Rolls, Jumps & Valentine’s Day
  • February 18 – 20 – (All) – GYM CLOSED – NO TRAINING
  • February 18 – 20 – (T&T) – Alberta Cup #1 – Live scoring/Live stream is not available at this competition
  • February 20 – 27 – (Preschool) – Backwards Day
  • February 23 – 26 – (Artistic) – Great West GymFest – Live scoring/Live stream is not available at this competition
  • February 27 – Mar 3 – (Preschool) – Strength & Exercise

*All items are available with details on the website Calendar.  Click here to go to the Calendar



If you are a competitive artistic athlete, you have heard something about mobility scores.  But what do they mean?

This is the process used to qualify whether or not an athlete is ready to move up to the next JO level after a high level of proficiency is achieved at their current level.  It is a score that is listed in the handbook (available upon request) you received.  The score is set to be met throughout the competitions during the year.  The score must be met TWICE in order for an athlete to be considered to move.  This score is also a firm score.  Even if the score is missed by .01, it is still considered to be NOT MET and will require that athlete to achieve the score again.

Why do we have this?

  1. Safety.   It is in place to confirm that the athlete has mastered the skills in their current level in a way that it is safe for them to proceed to the next level.
  2. Success.  It is hard for athletes when they are placed in the wrong levels and the competition is out of their range.  This is another gauge to make sure they are participating in the correct level for their skills.

If you have any other questions regarding mobility scores, then please ask at the front desk.  We are happy to help!

Remember, in conjunction with the mobility scores,  for the 2 weeks prior to a competition, athletes need to have 100% attendance and be able to meet the skill requirements at competitive standards.


Competition Reviews….. (GymPower, X-Finity, Exelta, Cardston, Elite Canada, Nadia Comaneci Invitational)


GymPower was our first artistic and acro competition this year and we are very happy with how it all went!  Congratulations to all of our athletes for presenting yourself with pride and doing your best!  There are a couple of items that we would like to review to make sure that for the athletes next competition we are even better!!

20170112_195130 team-pegasus-group-1-and-2



For Artistic athletes:

  1. Hair Bows – this is part of our competition uniform and is not an optional piece.  There were a few of our athletes that did not have them at the last competition.  They are available at the front desk for $5.  Please make sure that you have them for the next event.
  2. Phoning/Messaging – while the coaches are on the floor, they are working.  They will not answer calls/texts etc at this time.  Sometimes it may be hard to see the long game, but remember that they are doing their best for your athlete.  Even if you can’t see it at the time.  If you have questions, please use the 24 hour rule and wait until the next training session

X-Finity was the first competition of the year for our T&T Athletes.  It was a really good day for all of our athletes and we were thrilled at your first showing of the year.  Congratulations!! We had some first time award winners!



Exelta in Red Deer was a great time for our athletes attending.  We had our competitive athletes JO3 – JO7 at this meet.  Total medal count is not complete at this time

adriao danielle-and-jaylene




Cardston  Our TandT athletes had a great competition.  We had 5 placings in the top 8!  Congratulations!

20170204_182149 20170204_180853



Elite Canada    We had two athletes attend Elite Canada, Evalyn Kaufmann (Novice) and Kierstin Anderson (Senior).  Congratulations to both of our athletes for a job well done.  Kierstin placed 18th on beam and was 22AA.  Evalyn placed 3rd on floor, 2nd on vault and 8thAA.  Evalyn qualified for High Performance status for the 2017 season which enables her to be eligible to be considered for national teams and potential international competitions.

Congratulations to both athletes!

kierstin-elite-canada evalyn-elite-canada





Nadia Comaneci International Invitational    This was a great meet for our artistic athletes.  Not only did they have an opportunity to compete in a large competition in the US, some were able to attend the NCAA Oklahoma University gymnastics competition and at this meet, Simone Biles was there to cheer on a friend on the team!  It was an amazing competition experience.

jo10 jo9 jeremy-kristina-evalyn-kierstin-nadia cox-convention-centre amelia-danae-caris sara-kristina-kierstin-evalyn-kristina kierstin-nadia-evalyn-kristina